What are the characteristics of the LED rotating screen

LED rotating screen is a combination of three-sided flip billboard and LED electronic display. It is also called LED double-sided rotating screen in the industry. Its working principle is: turn the original ordinary three sides onto a triangular prism and replace one of the pictures with an LED display module, and the other two sides still use the car sticker picture. In this way, it alternately displays two car body stickers during the day, and automatically turns out the LED display module at night to play video images, which is equivalent to a conventional LED display. So. Do you know what are the characteristics of the LED rotating screen?

The features of LED rotating screen are as follows:
1. Display the body sticker screen during the day, and the A-side and B sides are switched to each other.
2. The three-sided turning section belongs to the general section specification.
3. At night, the LED display module will be automatically turned out to play video images, which is equivalent to a conventional LED display.
4. The overall structure has good compatibility with the conventional three-sided flip, and it is easy to realize the simple grafting of the display screen and the three-sided flip billboard.
5. The modular design of the LED display supports front maintenance and is easy to install and disassemble.
6. When the LED display module light-emitting diode is installed on three sides, it can ensure that the light-emitting tube is evenly arranged at any place, and the picture is complete and clear.
7. The LED display screen can play a variety of texts, various animations and full-color video images, and the content can be changed at any time, reflecting the functions of multimedia.
8. Good outdoor performance, with comprehensive performance such as dustproof, moistureproof, salt spray, rain, snow, electromagnetic interference and lightning protection.
9. The power consumption is only one-eighth of the conventional display screen, no special heat dissipation device is needed, and the protection module is used at night, with low operating costs and long service life.

Application scenarios of LED rotating screen:
The LED rotating screen can not only be used as a commercial advertising display platform, but also an excellent platform for government departments at all levels to carry out public welfare and legal publicity. It is suitable for the roofs, walls, squares, commercial centers, crossroads, pedestrian streets, etc. of large shopping malls. Multiple locations. Modular design makes it easy to disassemble and reinstall, and the installation site can be changed as needed.