Do you know LED transparent display?

As the country vigorously develops the night economy, LED transparent display screens have come into the public eye. The LED transparent display has become one of the important building materials for beautifying the city and realizing the night scene lighting. When night falls, the dynamic and cool colors and unique design elements of the transparent LED display can give the building a unique atmosphere in commercial applications.

It not only plays the role of lighting, but also allows the building to be used by many brands. It not only plays the role of lighting, but also makes the building stand out among many brands and create communication. The hot spot has become a popular destination for online celebrities to attract gas. In addition, what else do you know about LED transparent display?

Many people in the market will also call LED photoelectric glass “LED glass transparent screen”, “smart glass screen”, “LED transparent glass screen”, “LED transparent screen” and so on. This is mainly due to the multi-functional application and characteristics of LED photoelectric glass that derives the name of this series. These statements are not wrong, but to be precise, the scientific name of this product is LED photoelectric glass.

Definition : LED glass, also known as energized luminous glass and electrically controlled luminous glass, was first invented by Germany and successfully developed in China in 2006. It has the characteristics of transparency, vandal-proof, waterproof, UV-proof, and design. Used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lamp tube lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sunroom design and other fields.

Product principle: LED transparent display is a kind of multi-expandable high-tech product that embeds LED lamp beads between double-layer glass, and uses glass conductive coating technology to present photoelectric display effects through a control system.

LED transparent display features: moisture-proof + dust-proof + anti-impact + waterproof IP65; transmittance rate of 99%, light transmittance rate of 80%, does not affect the line of sight and daylight; architectural integration: does not damage the building structure, can be a perfect fit with the building structure ; Low power and high durability; the control method of separate lamp driver is adopted, and the stability is high. The LED transparent display is a perfect combination of architectural functions and media playback. It not only has the function of building materials, but also realizes the properties of media playback.

At present, this material of transparent LED display has been widely used in various fields, mainly used in architectural glass curtain wall, night scene lighting application, transportation hub application, container transformation, canopy sun room, flyover guardrail, retail store window and so on.