What are the development advantages of LED control card?

With the rapid development of LED display screen, the market for LED control card has become broader. The development of LED display screens has gradually entered civilian use, such as various storefront door screens and various indoor and outdoor square screens. And other various bar screens, etc. So, do you know that the LED control card is an important part of the LED display, what are its advantages?

Kystar MF630

1. The maximum support is 510,000 points: 1000 P10 monochrome unit boards can be carried.
2. Control range: single color: 4096 (horizontal) * 512 (vertical), double-color length is halved; built-in 5 12 ports, 3 08 ports, which can be expanded to 32 12 ports and 16 08 ports respectively.
3. The control card supports horizontal and vertical display of the unit board, and supports P10, F3.75, F5, P7.62, P6, P12, P16, P20 and other common indoor and outdoor single and double color display boards. LED control card can intelligently identify various unit boards.
4. Function: multiple flow frames (surround frame), multiple animation methods; multiple programs (sequential playback, timing playback, fixed-length playback), arbitrary partitions, separate areas can be added to the flow frame; integration of various control cards on the market Display functions, such as: random display, falling snow, scrolling and common switching methods, up to 2500 combinations of in and out;
5. Display function: text, picture, animation, EXCEL form, time, temperature, reverse (positive) timing, etc.
6. Stability: LED control card is suitable for U disks of various sizes, supports hot-swappable, convenient and fast. It can adapt to a wider range, and LED control card can be connected to a USB extension cable as needed, making the installation more flexible and convenient.

The LED display screen has bright colors and strong three-dimensional effect. It is as static as an oil painting and as moving as a movie. It is widely used in stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and Other public places, etc. When you want to buy an LED display or LED control card, it is necessary to understand their characteristics.

Looking at the advantages of the LED control card from six aspects, I hope that through these six aspects, we can have a deeper understanding it.