How do LED manufacturers apply LED control card?

While LED manufacturers are promoting LED displays on a large scale, they need to accurately and professionally master the installation methods of various accessories of LED displays, especially the LED control card, which is an important part of LED displays. So, what is the professional method of installing LED control card mastered by LED manufacturers?

The correct installation steps of the LED control card:
1. According to different interface versions, correctly connect the signal line to the device according to the instructions in the previous chapter.
2. Correctly connect the DC 5V power supply, please use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage is 5V.
3. Install the “LED control card configuration program (LC3x)”, select the corresponding serial port and baud rate, if the parameters can be read correctly through “Read parameters”, it means that the communication with the control card is normal, otherwise please check the line connection is it right or not. Set the control card parameters through “write parameters” according to the size and color type of the LED screen.
4. Try to use the text sending function of the software to send a string of text to the control card. If it can be displayed normally, it means that the control card is installed successfully.

In addition, the most practical application steps of the LED control card are as follows:
1. Connect directly to the computer RS232 using a serial port extension cable: 4 of the 08 ports are in the form of straight pins, providing a DB9 header, which can be directly connected to the computer through the serial port extension cable. A lightweight DC 5V power terminal is provided, which reduces the thickness of the entire control card and makes it easier to make a small LED display.
2. Use 5Pin cable connection in small size LED display: Provide a 5Pin pin header interface, compatible with RS232 and RS485 wiring. Provides 4 groups of 08 ports, of which the first group of 08 ports can be female, which can be directly inserted into the unit board, no need to use screws to fix it separately, which can greatly accelerate the production speed of small LED screens. At the same time, the other three 08 ports support the use of curved needles, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the control card. The small LED display such as φ3.75 single line 4 characters can also be easily installed, and it can be integrated into an ultra-thin LED display. In the screen.
3. After being integrated with the RF wireless data transmission module, it is connected to the computer through a wireless signal: LC31 has reserved a TTL interface, which can be seamlessly integrated with our company’s WD12 wireless data transmission module with a TTL interface, and the LED control card can be easily changed. As a wireless control card, it can achieve effective wireless control within a radius of 500 meters. Customers can purchase LC31 and WD12 at the same time, and our company can provide integrated wireless LED control cards.

Mastering the above methods, LED manufacturers can solve various problems for customers more professionally and effectively, and become an excellent manufacturer.