What are the LED screen control system manufacturers in China?LED control system manufacturers list

LED display control system, is to control the whole LED display screen is the core, so there are a lot of people who want to know what are the well-known LED screen control system manufacturers in China, and to solve some of the debugging screens, cutting screens, and other issues.

Next, we will take stock of the 5 most famous LED screen control system manufacturers in China.

  1、Linsn Technology

Linsn Technology was founded in 2000, in the LED electronic display technology, network technology, computer software, multimedia technology, digital terminal products, network communications, automation control and other areas of solid strength, especially in the development of LED display technology core – LED control system.

Through innovation, with independent intellectual property rights, core technology, software and hardware have become a de facto global industry standard. Linsn LED control system includes full-color synchronous, full-color lighting, full-color asynchronous, two-color synchronous, two-color asynchronous and other products.


Colorlight is a video processing algorithm as the core, and hardware equipment as a carrier, to provide customers with video images in the field of specialized display control integrated solutions for high-tech companies. Relying on advanced core technology, it follows the development of technology and application and continuously empowers related industries.

Colorlight products are widely used in the world’s celebrations, athletic events, conference activities, exhibitions, monitoring and scheduling, television broadcasting, interpretation stage, commercial advertising, information dissemination, creative display, smart city, virtual shooting and other types of video image display field, providing diversified comprehensive solutions for many users.

  3、Xi’an NOVA

After more than a decade of rapid development, Nova Nebula founded in 2008 in Xi’an, has grown into a highly competitive global LED display solutions provider.

With algorithm as the core, hardware and software as the carrier, around the LED display application, Nova Nebula provides more than 4,000 customers with the whole chain solution from video processing to display control, which is widely used in the market of security monitoring, command and scheduling center, conference small-pitch, advertising media, stage performances, virtual studios, traffic guidance, commercial displays, radio and television systems, high-end consumer displays and so on.


The MoonCell was founded in 2003, is a company specializing in LED display supporting product development and service of high-tech companies, the company set R & D, production, and sales as a whole, at the beginning of the establishment of the LED display control system is committed to the development of LED screen control systems and related products and research.

After years of pioneering and innovation, it has now developed full intellectual property rights of the LED display control system, LED display intelligent power supply, LED display electromagnetic connectors, LED display data acquisition equipment and other LED display-supporting high-tech products.