Do you want to know the price of sky screen LED display?

In recent years, canopy LED displays have become more and more popular. In ocean worlds such as undersea tunnels and aquariums, canopy LED displays have become the darling. Every aquarium will have canopy LED displays. Do you know how much they need to buy the sky screen LED display?
Let’s take a look at the following components of the price of the sky screen LED display.

The sky screen LED display is very popular in the aquarium.

The price of the sky screen LED display consists of the following parts:
1. Screen body cost: The screen body cost is floating, and the different materials and methods used by customers are different, resulting in a big difference in the final price. The difference in price is also different in display effect, performance, life and failure rate. It includes the cost of the screen body composed of LED chips, LED modules, IC driver chips, packaging, module power supply, conventional cabinets, waterproof cabinets, wire accessories, and module masks;
2. Control system cost: It mainly includes sending card and receiving card. The required cost needs to be calculated according to the size of the entire screen. The more the number, the higher the cost. In addition, different customers have different display requirements. There will also be differences between the sending card and the receiving card, and the required fees will also be different;
3. Auxiliary equipment cost: Customers can purchase according to the size and needs of the entire screen, such as power distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, multi-function control cards, TV cards (can play TV channels simultaneously), LED video processors (can be Connected to cameras and other equipment for a live broadcast of photoelectric signal conversion equipment), optical fiber transceiver (more than 100 meters control distance needs to be installed);
4. Steel structure cost: wall-mounted and embedded installation do not require steel structure and bracket costs; other installation methods such as column type, F-frame installation, hoisting, etc. require steel structure costs, customers can choose to install by our company professionally The cost is relatively high for the personnel to install. Our company can also help design the installation drawings for free, and the customer can find a suitable manufacturer in the local area, and the cost will be partly lower;

The sky screen LED display is very popular in the aquarium.
5. Transportation costs: There are two modes of transportation, Debon Logistics and special car delivery; the company can arrange special car delivery for those who are close to each other. Most of them choose Debon Logistics, and the freight is paid by the customer;
6. Installation cost: When the goods arrive at the customer’s installation site, our company will assign 2 technical engineers to the site to assist in the installation, commissioning and acceptance, and provide relevant training for the subsequent operators; the technical staff’s accommodation and travel expenses will be paid by me The company undertakes, including post-maintenance and technical guidance are provided free of charge.

After understanding the price composition of the sky screen LED display, I hope that customers can know the sky screen LED display more clearly.