What are the advantages of the sky screen LED display?

As full-color LED display manufacturers continue to upgrade their technology, LED displays can already achieve human-screen interaction, AR/VR, naked-eye 3D, face recognition, and AI. In the past few years, the sky curtain LED transparent display that was popular in scenic spots is even more popular. At a time, it is difficult to find a ticket in the scenic spot. However, when various places began to build transparent LED screens with sky screens, this novel gameplay could not attract many tourists to play. So, do you know the advantages of the sky screen LED display?

The advantages of the sky screen LED display are as follows:

1. Replace the traditional grille canopy:
The company has newly developed a transparent LED canopy display, trying to replace the traditional screen and grille canopy with a transparent LED screen to create a new type of transparent LED canopy. The designed transparent canopy screen is lighter, more transparent and more magical! Translucent visual effects can be presented during the day, blue sky and white clouds can be seen under good lighting, and magnificent videos can be played at night, accompanied by wonderful sound effects to give people a shocking visual feast; flexible structure design can achieve variety Surface modeling. High-transparent and invisible installation, with a different structure of the sky, is immersive.

The advantages of the sky screen LED display make it get a lot of attention in the LED display market.
2. Lightweight design and beautiful technology:
The average weight of the entire screen of the sky curtain is only 12KG/㎡, and the thickness of the cabinet is 85mm. The ultra-light and ultra-thin customized cabinet design can greatly reduce the dependence of the screen on the steel structure; simplify the steel structure required for the installation of the screen , Which makes the whole screen look simple, transparent, beautiful and fashionable, and has a sense of science and technology!
The sky screen LED transparent display is a new type of product with a permeability of more than 90%. The entire screen body and its frame structure are lighter and more reliable in quality, making the sky screen LED display lighter, more transparent, and more sci-fi.
Installed on the transparent glass of the sky screen, the sky screen body presents a translucent visual effect. With good lighting, you can see the blue sky and white clouds. At night, you can enjoy the bright starry sky through the glass. At the same time, you can also play your favorite video, an unprecedented vision. Experience.
3. The technology adopted by the sky screen LED transparent display:
Using modern optical display technology combined with LED R&D and production technology, many LED lights are assembled into a graphic display that can display video, image, text and other information. The sky screen transparent screen is installed on floors and buildings by hoisting. The top layer or the top of the ceiling can play a very spectacular and sci-fi visual effect, but also can play a rendering, decoration, and quantitative effect.
The starry sky of the conventional canopy LED transparent display screen seems to be immersive. If you arrange decorations and LED light strips, light strips, projection and various lighting effects around the screen, it will be more perfect.

The advantages of the sky screen LED display make it get a lot of attention in the LED display market.
4. Applicable places:
The sky curtain LED transparent screen is generally on the ceiling of large buildings such as various high-end real estates, star hotels, large exhibition halls, city squares, luxury commercial streets, and large stages. The actual area is large and light, and it can be customized according to the environment. Various best shapes.