P1.875 Full Color LED Indoor Module 240*240mm

Indoor LED module are mainly used indoors, so the point spacing is relatively small, suitable for close viewing

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  • Item  Technical parameter
    Panel  Dimension (W)240mm*240mm(H)
    Pixel pitch 1.875mm
    Pixel Density 284444/ M2
    Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
    LED specification SMD1515
    Pixel resolution (W)128*128(H)
    Average power 12W
     Panel current 5A
    Panel weight 0.58KG
    Cabinet&Bracket  Humidity 10%-95%RH
    Number of unit boards per square meter 17PCS
    Hub connecting HUB75  16pin
    Best viewing angle Horizontal >160  Vertical>140
    Best viewing distance 2-30M
    Working temperature -20-+60
    Panel power supply 5V40A
    Screen power supply 220VAC/50HZ+_10%
    Max power <800W/M²
     Average power 400W
    power quantity 200W/6PCS
    Technical parameter Driving device IC ICND2153+5958
    Drive type 1/32Scanning
    Refresh frequency ≥3840HZ/S
    Display color 4096*4096*4096
    Brightness 800cd/M2
    Life span 100000Hours
    Communication distance <100M


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  • Pixel pitch: 2.5mm
    Module Size: 160*160 mm
    Model Pixel: 64X64 Pixels
    lattice density: 160000 dots/square meter

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