What technology is used in the installation of the sky screen LED display?

The time tunnel screen of the sky screen LED display is an experiential tourism project built with high-definition LED electronic display with the theme of the time tunnel. The ground uses 7D dynamic technology glass, and you can interact with it by walking on it and produce various special effects. All of them are seamlessly spliced ​​by LED modules. Do you know what technology is used in the installation of the sky screen LED display?

The use of canopy LED display in shopping malls to attract customers.

Advantages :
1. The sky screen LED display is a dome display installed above a relatively confined space. It is a dreamy LED product that plays the role of rendering, decoration and lighting.
2. Generally suitable for high-end star hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, commercial pedestrian streets, city central squares, large stages and other large buildings on the ceiling, with large area, light weight, and different shapes.
3. The sky screen LED display is more stable and reliable. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, pollution-free and long life. The power consumption of the system is only one-tenth of the traditional display equipment.
4. And there is no radiation pollution, continuous viewing will not cause visual fatigue, can adapt to various climatic conditions, fast response speed, high reliability, and almost no heat.
5. The sky screen LED display projection system is easy to operate and easy to upgrade and maintain. The screen can be divided into independent display screens to display the same content or different, or the entire screen can display pictures simultaneously.

The use of canopy LED display in shopping malls to attract customers.

The technologies used in the installation:
1. Standard modular design: for the needs of production and manufacturing, the cabinet needs a certain size, the cabinet is too large, the production is difficult, the installation is simple, and vice versa, the production is simple, and the installation is cumbersome. The standardized design of the canopy LED display enables the LED display to integrate the original, power, control and unit structure, which is easy to aging, debugging, transportation and installation.
2. Light and thin: The area of ​​the sky screen LED display project is generally large, and the installation is carried out by hoisting, and its own weight cannot be ignored. Therefore, when using the sky screen LED display, the weight should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the load of the load-bearing structure, and the “transparent” design should be adopted to reduce the wind load. In addition, the beauty of the sky screen LED display itself should also be taken seriously. The thin and light design enables it to add brilliance to the realization of the entire sky screen.
3. Easy to use: “Lifting weight as light” is the design standard for large-scale products. The more advanced and the bigger the thing, the easier the final operation, including maintenance, debugging, and use. Lightweight product design reduces labor costs in the subsequent installation and maintenance process, making the entire process more efficient.

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