Huidu X2000

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X2000, integrated with sender, which is a professional two-in-one video processor. It uses advanced image processing technology and has various inputs but it is also easy to use. One processor supports up to 2.3 million pixels: up to 3840 pixels horizontally or 1920 pixels vertically

Functions and features:

  1. Two-in-one video processor integrated with sender;
  2. Supports up to 2.3 million pixels with four outputs;
  3. Supports up to 3840 pixels horizontally or 1920 pixels vertically;
  4. Supports DVI/HDMI1.3@60Hz/VGA/CVBS/ SDI(optional)input;
  5. Supports switching different channel with fade-in/out or seamless effect;
  6. Supports EDID custom management;
  7. Supports full-screen scaling, pixel-to-pixel scaling;
  8. Supports image quality process;
  9. Supports two image display;
  10. Supports PIP and fade-in/out effect;
  11. Supports cascade;
  12. Supports audio output via multifunction board when inputting HDMI signal.


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