Linsn X8216

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X8216, designed for large LED screen, which is a professional two-in-one video processor. It supports 4K input, 120Hz/3D display, 3-window layouts and 10-bit color depth. It has 16 outputs and supports up to 10.4 million pixels: up to 8192 pixels horizontally or 4000 pixels vertically.

Functions and Features:

  1.  Integrated with sending card and video processor;
  2.  With 16 outputs, supports up to 10.4 million pixels;
  3.  Supports up to 8192 pixels horizontally or up to 4000 vertically;
  4.  Support DP1.2/HDMI2.0 4K@60Hz input;
  5.  Supports switching multiple channels seamlessly;
  6.  Supports EDID custom management;
  7.  Support full screen scaling and pixel-to-pixel scaling;
  8.  Supports 3-windows layouts(place left, middle, right) for any input sources;
  9.  Supports adjusting image quality;
  10.  Supports PIP function for any input source;
  11.  Supports 3D function.