Linsn RV905H/925H

Linsn RV905H/925H is specifically designed for rental screen. RV905H/925H is with the following features:

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1. Compatible with RV801, has all the features of RV801

2. Small size (479mm X 1365mm), mounting holes are same with RV802

3. Two output interfaces can directly drive module (save hub card)

4. Each of the 2 interfaces has up to 14 groups parallel-data; total 28 groups of parallel data interface to achieve higher refresh rate

5. Each interface has VCC pin to supply power for control system from led module. No need to get extra power supply for control system.

6. support 12-bit HDMI colors input (required the 9th generation sending card)

7. using18-bit signal processor, maximum support 18-bit (260,000) gray (each of red, green and blue)

8. Single card maximum supports 1024X256 pixels, and 1024 grades single pixel chromaticity correction

9. Supports single-card color space conversion

10. Temperature monitoring

11. Humidity monitoring (humidity sensor sold separately)

12. In line with EU RoHS standards

13. In line with EU standards CE-EMC