Vdwall A65 Series

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  • Faroudja® Real Color® image processing,10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI de-interlacing processing,Faroudja® TureLife™ image quality enhancement;
  • 5 true 4K2K_60Hz input ports,among which 3 HDMI2.0(HDCP2.2)、2 DP1.2;3 2K combined digital+ analogue input ports, including one HDMI1.3(compatible with DVI、VGA )、one 3G-SDI、one CVBS;
  • Seamless and Fade in/out signal transition;
  • Genuine 10-Bit image processing,color more vivid and natural,gray level transition more smooth;
  • 4 DVI output ports,driving capability up to 9.2 million pixels. Synchronized splicing of 3840X2160 LED screen;each DVI output offers user defined resolution, maximum width or height 2160, 4 DVI outputs jointly realize 8640 pixels driving in width or height;
  • Any size&position setup of output image and input image cropping, greatly facilitate irregular screen splicing;
  • Provides saturation、gray level、brightness adjustment in individual RGB channel with 256 level;
  • Adaptive calculation aided splicing,user just configure size&position of each unit screen, A65 will automatically calculate and apply mosaic parameter, flexible and intuitive;
  • Synchronized monitoring available,connect one DVI output to 1080P LCD to monitor 4K input signal;
  • Genlock multiple device cascading, extend pixel to pixel display to 8K4K@60Hz or 16K2K@60Hz via 4 A65 cascading;
  • 13 preset display modes,support mode duplication and backup;
  • Flexible and convenient front panel control or RS232/USB/LAN control;
  • Widely applied in narrow pitch screen projects, such as exhibition、station advertisement、stage performance、restaurant hall、lecture room、school auditorium、church、market promotion etc;