So what are the transmission modes of the stage opening and closing LED screen?

The stage opening and closing LED display is an effective supplement to the traditional LED rental screen. The screen opens and closes from the center of the stage to both sides, a more novel display method and a new experience. So what are the transmission modes of the stage opening and closing LED screen?

The use of stage opening and closing LED display on the outdoor stage is beneficial to increase the performance of the stage.

According to the transmission mode, the double-opening and closing LED display can be divided into hydraulic transmission, screw transmission, horizontal traction transmission, etc. It is widely used in various theaters, auditoriums and other performance venues.
The main body of the LED display screen is made of steel structure. There are sliding rails and groove guide wheels on the top and bottom to assist the screen body to open and close, and the operation stability is good when the screen is opened. The PLC digital control system is adopted, and the drive is driven by the split LED display screen, and the combined gap is controlled within 3mm. Simple operation, self-locking function, good safety, and can stop at any position within the stroke. The stage-to-opening and closing LED display adopts LED rental display, die-cast aluminum cabinet, which is lighter and thinner, more convenient to move, higher splicing accuracy, and gap error within 2mm.

Stage opening and closing LED displays are very popular in room stage activities.

The open-close LED display is installed on the upper part of the back stage with a double-screen side-moving mechanism, and a pair of movable doors are set in the middle of the LED display. When they are closed, they replace the original sky curtain and used as the background of the stage performance. The movable door can be opened separately to meet the needs of actors entering and exiting and carrying props. When the rear car platform behind it is required to perform, the large LED screen can be opened to the sides of the stage through the track side to hide, the top of the big screen is equipped with an anti-overturning mechanism, and the lower end is equipped with a walking track, walking wheel set, driving guide and anti-collision. mechanism.

The LED display steel frame adopts a layered structure, and the installation frame is separated from the main frame, which ensures the installation space of the stage LED display module components and the strength of the main frame. The main steel frame is equipped with inspection channels, protective railings and upper and lower stairs. Through the control system, the staff operate on the main console and the mobile console to control the opening and closing of the large LED screen and the movable door respectively.