How to choose the LED stage background screen?

Simply put, the LED display used in the background of the stage is called the stage LED display. The biggest feature of this display is that the scene is rich, the screen size is large, and the content is gorgeous, which can give people an immersive feeling of the scene. . Choosing the LED stage background screen will make the stage effect more divided. So, do you know how to choose an LED stage background screen?

Choosing an LED stage display is conducive to stage performances.

Next, I will introduce you the method of choosing the LED stage background screen:

1. Main screen: the stage background display, the main screen is the one in the center of the stage. Most of the time, the main screen is approximately square or rectangular. Because of the importance of the content it displays, the pixel density of the main screen is relatively high. Currently, the main display screen specifications are mainly P4, P5 and P6, and the COB display screen has high definition and is suitable for stage requirements.

2. Secondary screen: The secondary screen is the display screen used on both sides of the main screen. Its main function is to set off the main screen, so the content it displays is relatively abstract. Therefore, the models it uses are relatively large. The commonly used specifications are mainly: P7, P8, P10, P12 and P16 and other models, and in the process of use, the appropriate P value is calculated according to the stage.

Choosing an LED stage display used outdoors is conducive to performances.

3. Video expansion screen: It is mainly used in relatively large-scale occasions, such as large-scale concerts, singing and dancing concerts, etc. In these occasions, because the venue is relatively large, there are many places where it is impossible to clearly see the characters and effects on the stage, so one or two large screens are set up on the sides of these venues. Nowadays, the commonly used specifications are similar to the main screen. The three specifications of LED display screens P4, P5 and P6 are used more.

4. Control system processing: It is best to be compatible with multiple signal source inputs, such as AV, S-Video, DVI, VGA, YPBPr, HDMI, SDI, DP, etc., and can play video, graphic, and image programs at will, and Broadcast all kinds of information in a real-time, synchronized, and clear information dissemination method.