Huidu HD-S108 Full color sensor box

HD-S108 is a full-color multiple-function sensor box that integrates temperature, humidity, brightness, and remote control, Connected to the LED display control system, The ambient temperature and humidity can be displayed on the LED display,
At the same time, it supports automatically changing the brightness according to the surrounding brightness environment change.
In addition, the program can be paused and played and the program can be switched through the remote control.
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Huidu HD-S108

  • Running light: flicker—work; not bright—Not working(check the cable if it is
    reversed connected.); Press the remote control and it will flash.
  • Remote control receiver: the remote control is for switching on and off screen, program
    selection, brightness adjustment, screen test, etc.
  • Temp/humidity: Sensing the temperature/humidity of the environment.
  • Brightness sensing: Sensing the brightness of the environment automatically adjusts
    the brightness of the display. The daytime light is strong, the screen is brighter; the
    night light is weak, and the screen is dark.