Huidu HD-T902x1 Synchronous Sending Box

Huid HD-T902x1 is a synchronous sending box with one DVI signal input, 4 Gigabit network, a maximum load capacity is 2.6 million pixels, widest 3840 pixels, highest 2048 pixels, supports multiple device splicing control LED screen.

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1. Support 1 dual channel stereo input;
2.  Two DVI video signal inputs;
3.  USB-B control interface;
4.  Cascading multiple units control super LED screen;
5.  Built-in 110V~220V AC to 5V DC transformer;
6.  4 network port output, maximum load capacity 5.2 million pixels.


 Connection Diagram:




Control range

Direct connection with the computer can control 2.3 million pixels (1920*1200@60Hz)

Connect with a   video processor to control 2.6 million pixels (2048*1280@60Hz)

Widest 3840,   Highest 2048

Program update

DVI synchronous display

Audio output

Standard 3.5mm interface dual-channel   stereo input

Audio input

Need to cooperate with a multi-function card   to achieve audio output

Communication type

USB-B type interface, Gigabit network port

Playbox interface

Input: AC 110~220V 50/60Hz   power terminal *1, DVI *1, USB 2.0 *1, dual channel Audio* 1

Output: 1000M RJ45 *4

Operating Voltage

4.5V~5.5V, Input voltage AC 110~220V

Debugging software


Player software

HD Show(not necessary)