Huidu HD-WF4 Single-dual Color Controller

Huidu HD-WF4 is equipped with a 2-wire hub75e port. It is a full-color series of control cards.
It supports Wi-Fi and USB flash disk updates. It is suitable for lintel LED screens, shop sign screens, vehicle screens, and other occasions.



1. USB ports, for updating programs by U-disk.
2. 5V standard power connector, sharing with Micro-USB, can power the LED module directly.
3. Test button, click to switch screen test status.
4. S2, Connect the point switch, switch to the next program, the timer starts, and count plus.
S3, Connect the point switch, switch the previous program, timer reset, and count down.
S4, Connect the point switch, program control, timing pause, and count reset.
5. P7, Connect the brightness sensor.
6 . HUB75E port for connecting to LED Display.
7 . P12, Connect PM2.5 or PM10 sensor.
8 . P5, Connect the temperature sensor.
9 . P11, Connect the IR, by remote control.



Support Module

Support HUB75 port full-color module, support normal and ICN2038 IC

Scan mode

Support static to 1/32S

Control range

768*128, Widest 1280, Highest 256



Wi-Fi, U-Disk

FLASH Capacity

8M Byte

Support RGB

Full-color module can display red, green, blue, yellow,

Purple, green, and white

Gray level

8 level,  support full-color text

Program Quantity

999 programs, support switching the program by wifi remote

Area Quantity

20 pcs areas with separate zone and separate special

effects and border

Display Showing

TextAnimated word3D WordImage & Text(Picture, SWF), Excel, Time, Temperature, Timing, Count, Lunar calendar

Automatic switch


Support timer switch machine


Support brightness setting, time period brightness setting

Power supply

Micro USB, standard 5V