Huidu Single-dual Color LAN Controller

E-series control card, through the network cable to update the program. In addition, there are USB interface, but also through the U disk to update the program. Low cost, cost-effective, simple software interface, easy to operate, better and rich display effect support for a variety of monochrome display.


Ethernet ports+U-disk control card


Real time Preview, partitions area can overlap
It max supports up to 32 gray level,partitioned background
Support time, including timed cycle, Smart settings (U disk can not)


LAN control, more convenient and practical

Support WAN, LAN, inter-network multiple connectivity options
Support a variety of scanning methods
temperature, humidity, brightness, remote control, etc.,
Support 7-color display,  support gradation, and regional overlap
No need IP settings, software interface is simple and easy to operate
Support U disk + network cable to transmit data in two ways