Linsn X8414

Linsn X8414 is a two-in-one (sender plus video processor) 4-layer-output controller designed and produced, which supports up to 8.3 million pixels. It has 14 Gigabit outputs for up to 11520pixels in width or 4000pixels in height

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Functions and Features:

  • Support 4*DVI inputs;
  • Supports 14 gigabit outputs;
  • Supports 4-layer output which can be set in any position with any size ;
  • Support fade in/out effects;
  • Supports easy and quick software control;
  • Supports up to 8.3 million pixels; up to 11520 pixels horizontally or up to 4000 pixels vertically;
  • Supports dual USB2.0 communication for setup or cascade;
  • Supports Linsn whole series receivers and multi-function boards.