Linsn M8

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1. It has all functions of 8th and 9th generation receiver cards and it is completely compatible with them;

2. Supports 8-group parallel RGB data output mode;

3. Supports 32-group serial data output mode;

4. Realizes high refresh and high gray level effect;

5. Supports general driver ICs, PWM ICs and other main strain ICs;

6. Supports any type of scan mode within 32 scan, and supports 595 and other serial decoding scan;

7. Supports brightness and color pixel-by-pixel calibration;

8. Maximum supports 512X256 pixels;

9. Supports 12-bit HDMI color input (requires the 9th generation sending card);

10. Supports single-card color space conversion;

11. Supports reading back configuration file;

12. Supports faulty-pixel detection (requires a dedicated chip);

13. Support network cable BER test;

14. Supports faulty-flat cable detection;

15. Supports saving calibration data on flash IC on module;

16. Support voltage monitoring;

17. Support the cabinet-door (open/close) and fan-speed monitoring;