Mooncell MB2

Mooncell MB2 Media Player features high performance 4 Core CPU + 4 Core GPU Chip Set and it’s a combination of the Player with the Sending Card(Integration). Given that the Player has a very high performance of video processing, and by contrast, the  price of the MB2 Media Player is very competitive.


Function Characteristic

1、Android 7.1 OS supported.

2、It supports HD videos,Pictures(Images),TXT,Weather Info,Clock and a variety of programs

3、It supports having the multiple windows, the size & position of the windows could be set as you wish and the window overlay is supported.

4、LAN, WIFI,4G,etc.are supported

5、Applications for Android and IOS are available

6、PC, Mobile Phones and Pad are supported to be used to control and manage the programs and their parameters

7、The RS485 Sensor Interface could be supported to monitor the temperature, humidity,lightness and some other environmental situations (parameters)

8、The brightness of the led display could be automatically adjusted


Loading Specs

1、Processor:4Core CPU+4Core GPU

2、 Memory:1G DDR3

3、Flash Memory:8G EMMC

4、Resolution:1080P Hard Decode Playing

5、The Network Port Loads 1.3m Pixels

6、The Maximum Length:1920 Pixels

7、The Maximum Height:1080 Pixels