Mooncell MVB8S

Mooncell MVB8S is an easy-to-operate and feature-rich device that is specially developed for LED displays. It supports high-definition multiple-type interface input, integrates professional display control technology and powerful video processing capabilities, and simplifies the scene environment to build a video processor.

Using a high-performance image processing chip; with advanced interlaced image adaptive processing technology and ultra-clear noise reduction engine, eliminating video image motion smearing and jagged phenomenon, the video image enhancement technology makes the image clearer and more detailed, rich in detail, and full of colors, Image quality is stable


Function Characteristic

1、The loading capacity could reach up to 5.2 million pixels. The output resolution could be customized and the maximum 7680 pixels from the width, 3840 pixels from the height

2、4 Windows are able to be displayed simultaneous

3、 Freely Switching between the Audio and Video/ Adjusting the Volume

4、Input Ports::DVI*1,HDMI*2, DP*1, VGA*1, Audio*1

5、To save the template and use it

6、Seamlessly switching between multiple windows, seamless single layer switching