Mooncell MVB4S

Mooncell MVB4S is an easy-to-operate and feature-rich device that is specially developed for LED displays. It supports high-definition multiple-type interface input, integrates professional display control technology and powerful video processing capabilities, and it simplifies the scene environment to build a video processor.

Using a high-performance image processing chip; with advanced interlaced image adaptive processing technology and ultra-clear noise reduction engine, eliminating video image motion smearing and jagged phenomenon, the video image enhancement technology makes the image clearer and more detailed, rich in details, and full of colors, Image colors , Image quality is stable


Function Characteristic

1、It supports USB play,the video and picture could be played together

2、It supports 3 zoom modes:Full Screen Zoom,Point-to-Point Display and Custom Zoom

3、It supports a quick screen connection,with very simple operation,the screen configuration could be completed

4、It support to create 8 users cenes as templates,save them and call them directly,which is convenient to use

5、It supports 4 Ethernet Port Outputs,the maximum loading capacity could reach up to2.5 million pixels.

6、It supports external independent audio input and output