Adjust Calibration Coefficients Novastar

1.Run NovaLCT-Mars, move the cursor over the  Advanced User Login (A) and click the icon.

2.Login with the password “admin”.

3.Then click  Calibration icon.

4.Select the tabs  Manage Coefficients , then select  Chroma or  Brightness  on the left-bottom of the interface.

5. Select  adjust coefficients (color is uniform on screen)

6. Select areas which need to be adjusted: select  Screen, Pixel , Topology orList  or  Select Area On Screen , and

then select the cabinet which needs tobe adjusted by taking the example of the topological graph.

7. Click the cabinet (1,1)as following picture, the chosen area would turn

8. Please click the cabinet (1,1) to adjust the internal module of the cabinet.

1) Input the actual resolution of the module in the popped interface.
2) Choose the module which needs to be adjusted, and the chosen area
will turn into yellow.

9. How to select the adjustment type:

    If  Adjust Own Effect  option is selected, the color of selected adjustment area is different from other areas

    If  Effect As Other Selected Area option is selected, the color of the selected area will be adjusted according to the color of

    reference areas. After the adjustment operation, the selected area color will look similar with the color of reference areas.

    Take the self-adjustment as an example:

10. Adjust R,G,B calibration coefficients manually as following:
Simple Adjustment: Pull the sliding blocks of Red\Green\Blue, and then the colors value would be changed.

11. After the simple adjustment is completed, click  Next  and  Save.

12. Select  Advanced for advanced Adjustment.

13. Adjust the values of each color manually.

14. Click  Save for saving to hardware after adjustment finished.

Note: In case power-off happened, if miss  save  option step, adjustment data will lose. After completion of simple adjustment

or advanced adjustment, click Apply effect to other Area. If the user wants to apply the data to the other areas, need to

choose the area which needs to be adjusted.

15. Click  Apply ,click  Save , and save the correction coefficient data to hardware.

16. Click  Ok to apply to other areas.

17. After whole process finished, please click  Save.

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