Why do LED displays need to be used with LED video processors?

For customers who have visited the LED display factory, often see the LED display engineer debugging the LED display screen on an LED video processor, so customers who don’t understand will wonder why the LED full-color display uses the video processor? Today, let’s systematically solve this doubt.

The reason why LED video processing equipment is needed for LED display screen is mainly because the following key problems need to be solved:

1. Format conversion function

Like various video formats on PC, the signal input of LED display screen is also different. The signal format of PC camp (VESA organization) in consumer field and the signal format of video camp (ITU and SMPTE organization) in the consumer field or professional field span from analog signal era to the digital signal era and even high-definition display in the early stage of enlightenment, many signal formats and signal standards born and left over during the period are still active or work in the consumer market. Therefore, in most project bidding, it is necessary to solve the problems of signal access, processing and display through video processor. The fundamental solution is that the video processing equipment can complete the format conversion between many signal formats, including the following:

The signal format conversion from VGA to uxga of VESA camp involves the processing of signal input interfaces VGA (Analog), DVI-D (digital), HDMI (digital) and DisplayPort;


The 480i ~ 1080p60 signal format conversion of ITU and SMPTE camp, and the digital bandwidth spans from 143mbps to 3G. It involves the processing of composite video (Analog), s terminal (Analog), standard definition component (YCbCr), high-definition component (YPbPr), sd-sdi (digital) and HD-SDI (digital) of signal input interface;

The conversion between VESA formats is called upconversion (such as VGA to XGA conversion) or down conversion (such as uxga to XGA conversion);

The conversion from ITU and SMPTE to VESA format is called cross conversion (such as the conversion from composite video to XGA);

2. Color space conversion function

The LED color space is much larger than the NTSC color space of the TV signal. Therefore, if the RGB color space of NTSC is directly used to control the luminescence of the three primary colors of LED in the display screen, it will produce color deviation and seriously affect the display effect of LED display screen. Therefore, the video processor is required to complete the conversion of color space, that is, the conversion of ccir601 and ccir709 to RGB color space. This is also the fundamental reason why the LED special video processor requires to realize the conversion from VESA, ITU and SMPTE signal format to VESA standard signal format when completing the format conversion function.


3. Image processing

Images are generally large and small, and some length width ratios are different from those of LED display screens. If videos or pictures of different proportions and sizes are cut every time and played out on LED display screens, it is undoubtedly a waste of time. Therefore, special processing equipment is needed to reasonably process pictures or videos at any time, Making it easy to match the LED display.

To sum up, LED video processor plays a very important role in the picture display of LED display screen, and can directly affect the display effect of LED display screen.

Some commonly used LED display screen control products: