Can the LED control software be universal?

At present, the application of outdoor LED display has been mature, but the control software of outdoor LED display is not rich enough. Many people have experience using different LED display software. The operation process and use are different, so they are not used to it, which brings inconvenience. Therefore, many people want to know whether the LED display control software is universal?

First of all, we need to look at the LED control software itself. At present, the outdoor LED display control software mainly includes system control software (outdoor LED display playback software), outdoor LED display demonstration software, outdoor LED display test software, outdoor LED display auxiliary software, etc.

Just like an assembled computer, the LED display screen is also composed of many components, so it is divided into many different parts. It can be seen from the name that each software is responsible for different parts, some are responsible for system control, some are responsible for demonstration, and some are responsible for testing. Next, let’s talk about the most commonly used LED control software.

For the system control software, most of them are not universal, because such software works closely with the hardware system, and most of them are specially customized according to the circuit board and IC. Different hardware interfaces are also different, so there is basically no universal software. This kind of software is mainly provided by the hardware system supplier and has been integrated when leaving the factory. Other software has been replaced, which often can not work well.

Novastar SmartLCT
Novastar NovaLCT

For outdoor LED display demonstration software, most of them are universal. The demonstration software usually simulates various display effects of LED display screen and does not rely on specific hardware (here refers to special hardware such as LED system control card). Therefore, the LED display demonstration software with a larger scale of the company can be used. In this way, its compatibility will be strong, and the setting parameters will be fine and comprehensive.


For the outdoor LED display screen test software and auxiliary software, some are general and some are not. It depends on the specific software and LED display screen. Generally speaking, most of the words for debugging outdoor P10 and p16 LED display screens are general, while the debugging images and videos are not necessarily. Some of the test software is compatible with products with different interfaces, and some are specialized It provides for a certain product, while the outdoor LED display auxiliary software is mostly combined with practical applications, such as the advertising release system and securities display software independently developed by a company.

From the above information, we can see that whether the outdoor LED display control software is universal or not is not universal. It depends on the specific software. Generally, the more integrated functions, the more exquisite and clear display image quality, and the different control cards used, so most of them are not universal.

Some commonly used LED display screens: