Huidu HD-A6 Dual-mode LED Display Player

Huidu HD-A6 is the second generation Dual-mode LED display player, supports asynchronous playback, synchronous playback, U-disk socket and video auto-scaling functions, with the maximum load capacity 2.3 million pixels. Come with Wi-Fi module, support mobile APP management. Equipped with 8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk. Support optional 4G module, remote cluster control.

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1. Features:

1. Support asynchronous and synchronous switching using.
2. HDMI HD video zoom, no need video processor.
3. 8GB memory, expending memory by U-disk.
4. Come with Wi-Fi, mobile APP wireless management.

 2. Control Mode:

  1. Internet unified management: The play box can be connected to the Internet through 3G/4G (optional), network cable connection, or Wi-Fi Bridge.

Huidu HD-A6

  1. Asynchronous one-to-one control: Update programs by network cable connections, Wi-Fi connections or USB flash drives. LAN (cluster) control can access the LAN network through by network cable connection or Wi-Fi Bridge.

Huidu HD-A6

  1. Real-time picture synchronization display: The play box is connected to the sync source through the HDMI high-definition video line, and the sync picture is automatically scaled without any setting.Huidu HD-A6