Huidu HD-U63 Single-dual Color U-disk controller

Huidu HD-U63 is a U-disk series control card, through the USB port to update the program. Cost-effective, simplesoftware to operate, better and richdisplay effect, supported variety of monochrome display.


Appearance Description


① Power supply connector, to connect 5V power supply.
② USB port, to update program content and settings by U-disk.
③ IR remote connector, to connect IR remote sensor.
④ P5, to connect temperature/humidity sensor.
⑤ HUB08 port, to connect the LED display with the HUB08 port.
⑥ HUB12 port, to connect the LED display with the HUB12 port.
⑦ P7, to connect the brightness sensor, adjust brightness automatically.
⑧ S2/S3/S4 switch ports: S2 can be set as a button for the next program, the timer
starts or count plus; S3 can be set as a button for the previous program, timer
reset or count down; S4 can be set as a button for program control, time
pause, count reset.
⑨ Test button, to test LED module.



Loading capacity

Single color512W*256H, (widest 3072,   highest 256 pixels)

FLASH capacity

8M Byte

Communication method


Programs quantity

Support MAX 1000pcs Programs

Area Quantity

Support   MAX 20 areas with separate zone, and separated special effects and border.

Program contents

Support running text, time, count, digit,   animation, temperature and humidity, excel, traditional Chinese calendar,   offline weather.

Play mode

Play in order, switch by button, switch by IR   remote.

Clock function

1. Support perpetual calendar, analog clock,   lunar calendar

2. Counting up and down display

3. The font, font size, color, position, etc.   can be set arbitrarily

4. Support multi-time zone display

Extended Equipment

Temperature, humidity, IR remote, brightness, PM2.5/PM10 etc. sensors

Screen on/off

Support screen on/off by time automatically

Brightness adjustment

Support 3 modes: adjust by hand, adjust by   sensor automatically, adjust by time automatically.

Product power