Huidu HD-W62 Single-dual Color Controller

Huidu HD-W62 is a Wi-Fi control card for the door top bar screen, store signboard screen, and other occasions, which supports short-range wireless connection to update programs.
In addition, there is a USB interface, which can also update the program through the U disk. Low cost, cost-effective, simple software interface, easy to operate, rich display effect, good effect, support a variety of specifications display.


Appearance Description

Huidu HD-W62

  1. USB ports, Updated program by U-disk
  2. Power connector, connect 5V power supply
  3. Test button, click to switch screen test status
  4. The three interfaces of sequence 7
    1. S2, Connect the point switch, switch to the next program, the timer starts, count plus.
    2. S3, Connect the point switch, switch the previous program, timer reset, count down.
    3. S4, Connect the point switch, program control, timing pause, count reset
  5. P7, Connect the brightness sensor
  6. 4*HUB12 ,2*HUB08,connect the display
  7. P5, Connect the temperature/humidity sensor
  8. P11, Connect the IR, by remote control
  9. Connect the computer through Wi-Fi to send parameters and programs



Support module

Single Color/ Dual Color /Tricolor conventional scanning methods

Control range

Single color: 1024*64

Dual color: 512*64

FLASH Capacity

4M Byte

Communication Port


Support Colorful

Full-color module can display red, green, blue, yellow, purple, green, white

Program Quantity

Max 1000pcs Programs. Can play by time section or control by buttons.

Area Quantity

20 areas with separate zone, and separated special effects and border

Display Showing

TextPicture3DTextAnimationSWF)、ExcelTimingTemperatureshumidity)、CountLunar calendar


Sequence display, button switch, remote control


Display effect


1、Text、Picture, Time, Timing 、Temperature or temperature and humidity (external module required) Display

2、Support program border, regional border settings, custom borders

3、A variety of action display

4、More than 40 kinds of text effects display

5、Support for simple animations word

6、Support outline fonts, stroke fonts and other settings

7、Support for regional text background settings

8、Support Excel form directly adding

Clock function

1Support Digital Clock/ Dial Clock / Lunar Time/

2、Countdown /Count up, Button Countdown / Count up

3、The font、size、color and position can be set freely

4、Support multiple time zones

Extended Equipment

Temperatures、Humidity、IR Remoter、Photosensitive sensors、etc.

Automatic switch screen

Support timer switch machine


Support three brightness adjustment mode