Kystar S2 Sending card

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Kystar S2 Sending card brief introduction

Year of production: 2020

Supports full-color, dual-color and single color LED display

(Supports full color LED screen, two color & 1 color)

MAX supports 2048 * 640 pixels

Control Multi-Displays, realizing displays

Combination, synchronous display, and independent play

Kystar S2 Sending card

Panel description

Serial number Function description  
j Signal running State Indicator  
k Two Gigabit ports, lan1 and lan2 ports  
l Audio Input Interface  
m USB control terminal for PC upper computer control sending card  
n DVI Input interface  
o JP1, 5V direct plug terminal, providing 5V voltage  
p JP2, 4P straight needle white seat, providing 5V voltage  
q J11, small 4P interface, providing 5V voltage  
r PCI slot, providing 5V voltage  

Port specification

Input port
type Number Specifications
DVI 1 DVI-D input, support custom input resolution signal
Audio 1 3.5mm Audio Input Interface

Output port
type Number Specifications
LAN 2 Gigabit Network Output Port, Receiving Card

Control port
type Number Specifications
USB(type-B) 1 USB control port can control sending card with PC software

J3 Big 4P Power Supply Interface Definition
Pin 1 2 3 4
Definition VCC GND GND NC

J13 Small 4P Power Supply Interface Definition
pin 1 2 3 4
Definition VCC VCC GND GND



1.31 million with two network ports

Stereo audio input

Stable hardware

Data readback repair



1.31 million with two network ports


S2 supports two network port outputs, and a single card can complete the loading of 1.31 million pixels on the display, with a maximum width of 4000 pixels and a maximum of 2000 pixels.



Stereo audio input


Kystar S2 Sending card supports one stereo audio input, and can be used with the multi-function card MF630 to achieve audio transmission.



Stable hardware


Kystar S2 Sending card not only selects high-quality components, all connectors are high-standard gold-plated parts, and supportive designs such as power protection are added to ensure the true gold quality of the hardware.•Moreover, the S2 has undergone strict high and low temperature and pulse group detection before leaving the factory to ensure that the product is in the most stable state.



Data readback repair


S2 supports data readback and repair functions.•Using the readback configuration function, users can quickly read the correct configuration parameters from the receiving card when replacing the sending card, without having to reconfigure the parameters.

•Using the configuration retransmission function, when the user replaces the receiving card, this function can help retransmit the configuration stored in the device to complete the system repair without reconfiguring the parameters.