Kystar G612C receiving card



Color restoration, to solve the industry pain points of red face;

Turn the stone into gold, so that the universal chip has a high brush effect!

Easy to maintain

☆ Support one-click to read back all configuration file information

☆ Support one-key repair function, worry-free changing card

Stable and reliable

☆ Super anti-interference ability, real gold is not afraid of fire,

☆ No error in the upgrade


☆Unique color reduction technology makes the skin color of the face more real;

☆ Shooting unique arbitrary frequency multiplication technology, mobile phone scanning line;

☆ The father completes the high-gray display, the first level is grayed out, and it changes step by step;

☆ Support chromaticity and acceleration point return

Easy to use debugging

☆ Mobile phone screen adjustment, smart stringing, melon-style settings

☆ Support various PWM chips, point-by-point detection chips and general chips, no need to upgrade

☆ Support real-time detection of network communication status and detection of network cable connection sequence

0 Restore the true colors

Kystar Retina Color Rendition (KRCR), the unique color reproduction technology of the Golden G6, can restore the true color of the ground card image according to the color gamut characteristics of the LED, and effectively solve the red color problem of people such as Colorado.

02 arbitrary frequency display

The frequency multiplier of the mature control system is the multiplier of 8G, and the 6 arbitrary frequency multiplication technologies of the Golden Card can flexibly adapt to the acquisition frequency of the camera equipment, and can effectively capture the water accumulation that also occurs during the LED time. appetite.

03 Baby high gray display

G6 can depict and reproduce the image in a performance. It can achieve first-level graying, step-by-step change, color change, and animation performance.


G612C HUB Interface ,24-group Data


Kystar G612C receiving card integrated 12 standard HUB 75E interfaces, output 24 groups of RGB data ,the most load up to 256*768 pixels.

Kystar R12 receiving card

Stable Hardware Structure


G612C not only selects high-quality components, all connectors are high-standard gold-plated parts, but also adds power protection, upgraded power-off protection and other supporting designs to ensure the real gold quality of hardware.

Moreover, G612C is also subject to rigorous high and low temperature and pulse group testing before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that the product is in the most stable state after leaving the factory .

Color Rendition Technology


G612 supports KYSTAR Retina Color Rendition (KRCR) technology to solve difficult problem of the imprecise color expression on LED screen.

Arbitrary Frequency Multiplying Technology


G612 supports arbitrary frequency multiplying technology, which can adjust the frequency multiplying to fit the working frequency of the camera and effectively eliminate the scanning line.


Gray Accuracy


G612 receiving card has precise gray control ability, which can realize the effect of low brightness and high gray.It can well adjust the brightness of the screen, especially the screen with shadow, will appear more three-dimensional.Please see the picture comparison details below:


Pixel by Pixel Calibration


G612  supports point by point calibration technology, which can calibrate the brightness and chroma difference between each pixel. Reduce some modules brightness display is not unified, the effect is not coordinated and so on.

Convenient Navigation Settings


KYSTAR control system software support navigation settings . And the software can simplifying complexity, gradually guiding, meticulous, making control system debugging easier and faster.

Kystar control software

One Key Repair Function


G612C receiving card supports one key repair function. If one receiving card in the display system is damaged, you just need to replace the receiving card and then use the one key repair function. You can replace the card in one step without worry.