Kystar M5 receiving card




DDR2 SODIMM interface 32 sets of data

Stable hardware

Unique color reproduction technology

Unique arbitrary frequency doubling technology

Grayscale accuracy

Point by point correction technology

Convenient navigation settings

One-click repair function




DDR2 SODIMM interface 32 sets of data


•The Kystar M5 receiving card is a small size full-function high-end receiving card,
•It is a DDR2 SODIMM interface, with stable connection and high reliability.
•The compact size and slim thickness make it easy to use in thin and light boxes.
•M5 single card output 32 sets of RGB data, limit load
•256*512 pixels.

Stable hardware


Kystar M5 not only selects high-quality components, all connectors are high-standard gold-plated parts, and add supportive designs such as power protection and upgrade power-off protection to ensure the true gold quality of the hardware.

Moreover, the M5 has undergone strict high and low temperature and pulse group detection before leaving the factory to ensure that the product is in the most stable state.

Color Rendition Technology


Kystar M5 supports KYSTAR Retina Color Rendition (KRCR) technology to solve difficult problem of the imprecise color expression on LED screen.

Arbitrary frequency doubling technology


•Kystar M5 supports the unique frequency doubling kystar unique technology, which can be adjusted to control the frequency doubling to match the working frequency of the camera equipment, effectively eliminating the line drawing.

Grayscale accuracy


•The M5 receiving card has precise grayscale control capabilities, which can realize first-level graying and step-by-step change to complete the effect of low brightness and high gray.

LED point-by-point correction technology


•M5 supports bright chromaticity point-by-point correction technology, which can correct the difference of bright chromaticity existing between each light-emitting pixel, so that the LED display screen presents the best display effect.

Easy navigation settings


•Kystar control system software supports navigation settings, simplifying and simplifying, step by step guidance, meticulous attention, making control system debugging easier and faster!
Kystar control software

One-click repair function


•The M5 receiving card supports one-key repair function. If a receiving card in the display system is damaged, you only need to replace the receiving card and then use the one-key repair function.