Linsn X8000 Real 4K Two-in-one Video Processor

Linsn X8000 is a professional real 4K video processor by Linsn, which supports 9.8 million pixels, up to 15360 pixels horizontally or up to 3840 pixels vertically. It also supports 120HZ/3D display.

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1. Integrated with sending card and video processor;

2. Support DP1.2/HDMI2.0 4K@60HZ input;3. Supports switching multiple channels seamlessly;4. Supports EDID custom management;5. Support pixel-to-pixel splicing;6. Supports up to 9.8 million pixels;7. Supports up to 15360 pixels horizontally and up to 3840 vertically;

8. Supports 4K1K preview fade-in/fade-out seamless splicing;

9. Supports adjusting image quality;

10. Supports PIP function;

11. Supports display four image independently;

12. Supports 3D function