Novastar DIS-300 Splitter

The Novastar DIS-300 is specialized or multi-screens and super large led screens. The card possesses two input ports and eight output ports, enabling that one split to eight and two split to four. Functions change automatically. Each RJ45 port can be independently adjusted, and support read back parameters form scan board.


Novastar DIS-300 Splitter Function Introduction

  • 1 in 8 out or 2 in 4 out, automatic switching.

  • Each RJ45 port can be independently adjusted.

  • No need to install the drivers

  • Certification: CE, RoHS.

Novastar DIS-300 Splitter parameter


A / B: input port, connect to sending boards with network cable.
①/④: They blink when the A / B port access system, notaccess system, lights is on .
②/③: power indicator.
One split eightmodes:
A1 ~ A8: Asplit eight ports.
Two split fourmodes:
A1 ~ A4: A splitfour ports.
B1 ~ B4: B splitfour ports.