Nova MFN300 / MFN 300-B Multifunction Card

The Novastar MFN300 is a multifunction card with various functions, such as power switch control, sensor connection, and audio output.



  • RS232 serial port or Gigabit Ethernet port communication
  • Connected via Ethernet port before the first receiving card, between any two receiving cards, or after the last receiving card
  • Timer function, able to replace a timer and delayer
  • Temperature detection of the power distribution box
  • 8x Channels of power switch control
  • 4x Sensor ports to connect light sensors for automatic brightness adjustment, or connect other peripherals, such as temperature sensors
  • 1x Audio output port


The board thickness is 1.6 mm, and the total thickness (board thickness + thickness of components on the top and
bottom sides) is about 20.0 mm.


To make molds or trepan mounting holes, please contact NovaStar for a higher-precision structural drawing.