User’s Manual of colorlight LED Assistant(Android Version)

User’s Manual of colorlight LED Assistant(Android Version)


App Installation 2

Connect to C box 2

(1) Hardware Connection 2

(2) Software Settings 2

(3) Two Methods of Connecting The Led Assistant to C Box. 2

LED Assistant Interface Introduction 4

(1) Search Terminals 4

(2) Editing Programs 4

(3) Language Setting 8

colorlight LED Assistant App Installation

  1. Download installation package of colorlight LED Assistant from:
  2. Select LEDAssistant_apk,Run it with your Android phone.

Connect to C box

  1. Hardware Connection

Connect the hardware: Power the C box, and connect the computer to the C box with a USB cable.

  1. Software Settings

Run the software “LEDVision” and enter the play box management interface on where you can find the play box under “Direct USB”. Click the target play box to pop up the play box information interface.

play box managerment interface & ledvison

  1. Two Methods of Connecting The Led Assistant to C Box.
  2. Method 1: The player box and the mobile phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi connection: Select the Wi-Fi option on the “Network” interface to connect to the existing Wi-Fi. After the SSID and Password are typed in, please click “Apply” and “Refresh” to confirm the connection. And you can test the connection by “Test Network State”.

Note: Make sure the mobile phone and the C box are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

play box parameters advanced settings

  1. Method 2: Set the play box itself a Wi-Fi hotspot, connect the mobile phone to this hotspot.

The hotspot is turned on by default when the player is shipped from the factory. The default password is 123456789. The network name defaults to the player model. For example, the network name of C4 is C4xxxx.

Wi-Fi hotspot connection: Check the “Wi-Fi hotspot” option in the “Network” interface, you can manually modify the network name and password, and then use your mobile phone to connect to this hotspot.

play box parameters advanced settings

colorlight LED Assistant Interface Introduction

  1. Search Terminals

Run the “Led Assistant” App on your phone, click “Search Terminals”, select the terminal you want to control.

LED Assistant Interface 微信图片_20200115103203

  1. Editing Programs
    1. Click “Edit Program” to enter the program editing interface, click the “+” sign in the lower right corner, enter the width and height of the screen, and click “OK”;

微信图片_20200115103207 colorlight LED Assistant colorlight LED Assistant

    1. Enter the window editing interface, input the starting point coordinates X, Y of the window, the width and height of the window. The coordinates, width and height of the window determine the position, width and height of the program; In addition, the border is optional, and the width and color of it can be set;


    1. Click “+” in the upper right corner, you can add pictures, text, clock, text and carousel;

微信图片_20200115103151 微信图片_20200115103136

微信图片_20200115103140 微信图片_20200115103144

    1. Click “√” in the upper left corner to save the program.
    2. Play box management

“CONTROL” interface

Click the play box to enter the play box management interface. In the “CONTROL”, you can choose “HDMI Prioritized”, adjust the volume, brightness, color temperature, and switch the screen.

    1. “PROGRAMS” interface

On the program interface, you can see the program list. Click any program to switch to the program.

    1. “SCREENSHOT” interface

In the screenshot interface, you can see a screenshot of the currently playing program.

Click on the upper right corner to edit programs and view program information;

  1. Language Setting

Click “Language” to switch between different languages. Currently we support

four languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and English.

colorlight LED Assistant language

The above is the instructions for using the colorlight LED Assistant (Android Version) App. If you have any questions, please log in to the official website: 

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