colorlight led display controller software—Colorlight iset

Colorlight iSet is a professional and easy-to-use software developed by Colorlight for end users, especially rental users. iSet can realize the setting of multi-sending card and multi-box connection relationship, and the operation is simple, convenient and fast.

At the same time, the iSet software can quickly adjust the display parameters such as brightness and color on the whole and part of the LED display screen, and can easily detect and diagnose the display screen.
The following is the software update instructions for colorlight led display controller software————Colorlight iset:


1. Support for the processor of X100-4U.

2. Support for the processors of S20, S20F, S10 PRO.

3. Added the dark appearance mode.

4. Added the function of import and export of processors.

5. Modified the processors selection of Calibration, Soft edge and Color adjustment to tree interface.

6. Fixed some bugs.



1. Support for the processors of X16 PRO, X12, X20.

2. Brand-new control interface.

3. Added the function of demo mode.

4. Added the star network connection function of processors.

5. Added the function of dragging multiple output ports together.

6. Z6 PRO video source supports drag and drop operation to add window.

7. Fixed some bugs.



1. Support for the Senders of X7, X2s, X4s.

2. Added monitoring function.

3. The transparency of the port cabinet can be set.

4. Added the function of detecting Senders by specifying IP address.

5. Added the function of full screen fast restore factory settings.

6. The direction of the mapping changes according to the dragging direction of the mouse.

7. The project configuration adds the maximum frame rate and output color depth options, and the port loading is displayed according to the selected maximum frame rate and output color depth.

8. Added the function of software bubble prompt.

9. The pitch of magnetic attraction can be customized.

10. New color and brightness interface.

11. The cabinet parameters support Gamma adjustment.

12. Support the function of cabinet type with multi-receivers inside.

13. Chroma calibration adds the function of applying color gamut transform to calibration coefficients.

14. Added precise color management of Z6 PRO.

15. Fixed some bugs.



1. Support for the Senders of Z6 PRO, X6.

2. S6 and S6F add real-time color gamut adjustment.

3. Add preset color temperature.

4. Fixed some bugs.



1. The cabinet config file is saved with the project file.

2. Project files can be saved to and read from the Sender.

3. Add “Set Port Count” function in the right click menu of Design page.

4. When adding cabintes, you can quickly select cabinets that have been used in the project.

5. Add or delete Senders in batches.

6. Support X3, the new main board of Z6, X16 and X8, support Z4R Sender.

7. Improved the advanced soft edge.

8. Add cyan, yellow, magenta 3 intermediate color adjustment in the Color and Brightness option.

9. Add the function of synchronizing adjustment target and coefficient in the color reproduction.

10. Fixed some bugs.



1. “Port Control Area” adds modifiable functions.

2. Support for Z6, SDIx4 sub-boards and DP sub-boards.

3. Added to adjust all cabinets slot edges together.

4. Added the “Port Loading” will display a specific gradient color when the low delay is super wide.

5. Expanded the carrying area of ​​the i9 Receiver Card.

6. Fixed some bugs.



1. Support for X1, X8, X16, X16B, X16C Senders.

2. Added T mode for X4e, Z4, X16, X16B, X16C Senders, expand the Senders and port output area.

3. Support for HDR video signals for Z6; added color space settings.

4. Added the Port Load Capacity Calculator.

5. Added Fahrenheit temperature display.

6. Added the “Loop Backup Disconnection Reminder” function.

7. Added the function of viewing the Port Area of ​​the Sender.

8. Added the “Forbid to Modify Module Calibration Coefficient” function in the Soft Edge.

9. Fixed some bugs.



1. Support for the Senders of X2, X4, S6F, X4e, Z4.

2. Added multilingual support.

3. Added the Intelligent Design function.

4. Added Color and Brightness adjustment function.

5. Added Print Back function, it is easy to install the connection according to the diagram.

6. Optimized save cabinet parameters function.

7. Added Restore Factory Settings of Sender.

8. Fixed some bugs.



1. Support for Z6 Sender.

2. Added the function of reading the basic parameters of the box, optimized the basic parameters of the preservation box, and can save the parameters of the multi-type box at the same time.

3. The softw