Do you know what an Colorlight LED display control card is?

The LED display control card is the core component of the LED display. The LED display controller is responsible for receiving the picture display information from the computer serial port, putting it into the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scanning control timing required by the LED display according to the partition drive mode. The LED display control card can be divided into a Synchronous LED control card and an asynchronous LED control card. So, do you know what the Colorlight control card of the LED display is? What are their characteristics?

Colorlight I7 Receiving Card

1. Synchronous LED control card:
Mainly used to display videos, graphics, notifications, animations, etc. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor full-color LED large-screen displays. The working method of the Colorlight synchronous LED control card system to control the led display is the same as that of the computer monitor. It maps the image on the computer monitor in real-time with an update rate of at least 60 frames/sec. It usually can display multi-gray colors, Can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising.
Its main features are real-time, rich expressiveness, complicated operation, and high price. A set of synchronous led display control card systems generally consists of a sending card, a receiving card, and a DVI graphics card.

2. Asynchronous LED control card:
Asynchronous LED control card, also known as offline LED control card or offline card, is mainly used to display various texts, symbols and graphics or animations. The screen display information is edited by the computer, pre-loaded into the frame memory of the led display through the RS232/485 serial port, and then displayed and played screen by screen, cyclically, the display mode is colorful and varied.
Its main features are simple operation, low price and wide range of use. Simple asynchronous LED control cards can only display digital clock, text, and special characters. In addition to the functions of a simple control system, the graphic asynchronous LED control card has the biggest feature that it can control the display screen content in different areas.

colorlight i5A-F Dual-mode Card

After understanding the control card of the LED display, do you want to know how the control card of the LED display is used? The next article will tell you.


What are the common LED control card manufacturers?

Common LED control card manufacturers mainly include: Huidu technology, Colorlight, Linsn, Nova, mooncell, etc.

What are the classifications of LED display control cards?

Mainly divided into three categories: single and double color control cards, multi-color control cards, and full-color control cards

What should be paid attention to when using the LED display control card?

Different brands of control cards and corresponding installation software are different. The same brand is also divided into different models, and the functions are very different. Small-area monochrome screens usually use simple partial-area control cards, which are cost-effective; while larger-area screens can use partition control cards, the price is higher.

What are the connection methods of the LED display control card?

The connection methods between the control card and the computer include: network port (TCP/IP), serial port (RS232, RS485), U disk conduction, GPRS wireless connection, Zigbee wireless connection and other main methods.