How do LED screen manufacturer deal with LED display failures?

Various reasons for the LED display in use cause the current to increase. At this time, if no protective measures are taken, the LED display will be damaged after the increased current exceeds a certain time and range, which will cause the LED display to fire. If the LED screen manufacturer wants to prevent the failure of the LED display, it is necessary to find out the cause of the failure of the LED display. So, do you know why the LED display fails?

LED manufacturers are repairing LED display failures

The main reasons for the damage of the LED display are as follows:
1. Sudden increase in voltage.
2. The short circuit of one of the components or printed lines or other wire forms a local short circuit of the LED power supply path, which increases the voltage in this place.
3. The LED display screen is short-circuited due to its own quality damage, so its original voltage drop is transferred to other LEDs.
4. The internal temperature is too high, which deteriorates the characteristics of the LED.
5. Water enters inside.
6. The anti-static work was not done well during installation, and the inside of the LED has been damaged by static electricity. Although the normal voltage and current values ​​are applied, it is very easy to cause damage to the LED.

LED screen manufacturer are repairing LED displays

Next, let’s learn how the following LED screen manufacture do a good job of LED display failures that are more likely to occur-LED display fires.
1. In the application of LED display screens, the larger the display unit area, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the requirements for the stability of the conductors. Therefore, only the use of wires that meet the requirements of national standards can ensure the safety and reliability of the LED display.
2. UL-certified power products are the best choice for the same industry. They have a reasonable conversion rate, can maintain the safety and stability of the power load, and can also operate normally in high-temperature external environments.
3. The material of the external safety protection structure of the LED display should be made of fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels with high fire resistance, which is characterized by excellent fire resistance, fire safety and flame retardant, and the core material has strong oxygen Aging characteristics.
4. As the raw material for the bottom shell of the unit module mask, the plastic kit not only has the flame retardant effect, but also will not be deformed or become brittle under high and low temperature and long-term applications, and is not prone to cracking. It can be combined with the glue with good sealing performance. It can effectively prevent rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior, resulting in a short circuit and a fire.
5. In the absence of breakthroughs in important raw materials such as lamp beads, increasing the current will not be able to increase the brightness. Moreover, internal raw materials will also affect the actual effect of fire protection. External configuration and design are equally important, but external configuration includes heat dissipation in fire protection. When the LED display is working, the internal exhaust fan and air conditioner will dissipate heat.
6. Correct installation, using high-quality power supplies, wires, ICs, connecting devices and other combustible electronic components can reduce the failure rate and reduce the fire probability of the LED display; in terms of technology, the full-color LED display is in the entire process of installation In the process, installation, guidance and inspection must be carried out by professionals.

Correctly handling these failures requires a more careful understanding of the causes of damage to the LED display, and only in this way can we prevent problems before they occur.


How to repair the blurred LED display?

There are many reasons for the blurred screen on the LED display, so don’t rush to repair it when this happens, but find the reason first, and then prescribe the right medicine. Here are 5 common reasons and solutions, which can be used for reference.
1.Abnormal power supply of LED display screen: This kind of situation often occurs in newly installed display screens. You need to check whether the position of the lower cable is correct and whether it is loose. If it is really a problem with the cable, you can try to reinsert the cable or clean Wiring contacts.
2.There is a problem with the parameter setting of the LED display: Sometimes the error in the parameter setting of the control card will also cause the LED display to appear abnormal. At this time, the parameters must be changed to the correct value in time.
3.The circuit of the signal output IC is abnormal: check whether there is a short circuit or insufficient signal in the circuit of the output IC. If there is a problem with the output circuit, it is necessary to modify the circuit in time or seek help from a maintenance technician.
4.Driver error: If there are color bars on your display, it may be that the driver is not compatible or there is a problem with the driver setting. Generally, in this case, you need to reinstall and set the graphics card driver.
5.Water seepage of LED display panel: Water seepage of LED display panel will cause abnormality of control card and damage chips, circuit devices or power supply, etc. At this time, it needs to be repaired in time.

How to repair the LED display is not bright?

The unit board is not bright: check the power supply of the unit board in turn, and repair the circuit if the power supply is abnormal; check whether the data line is damaged, and replace the data line in time if it is a problem with the data line; check whether the chip is broken, the chip If it fails, just replace the chip.
Some unit boards are always on and some are not: for example, if there is a problem with the data cable, you need to re-insert it according to the direction; for example, if the distribution board is abnormal, you can try to replace the distribution board; The faulty unit board should be replaced in time.
The whole screen is not bright: if you encounter this kind of problem, you should first investigate and then prescribe the right medicine according to the cause. For example, if the power supply of the control card is damaged, replace it with a new power supply; One possibility is that there is a problem with the computer setting data, and it needs to be re-adjusted.
Interlaced lines on the whole screen are not bright: this situation is mostly due to the problem of the network cable, you can check whether the network cable is plugged in properly.