colorlight led display controller software—LEDVISION

LEDVISION is a professional software for LED display control and playback. LEDVISION supports video, audio, image, text, Flash, Gif and other forms of media file playback; supports Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PPT display; supports clock, timing, weather forecast display; supports external video signals (TV, AV, S -Video, composite video) playback; supports multi-page and multi-partition program editing; the software provides rich and flexible video switching functions, partition special effects, and three-dimensional special effects animation, so that the display effect of the display can be perfectly displayed.

At the same time, the LEDVISION software can quickly adjust the display parameters such as brightness and color on the whole and part of the LED display screen, and can easily detect and diagnose the display screen.
The following is the software update instructions for colorlight led display controller software————Colorlight LEDVISION :

[Version 8.0]LEDVISION

1.Support for new controller S7,S10PRO,Z4(II),X100;

2. Z6PRO/X16 series controller, support for 2 IN 1, 3 IN 1 and DVI*2 sub-boards;

3.Support for new Receiver Card K9+;

4.Added support for some driver ICs and decode ICs;

5.Added display setting function;

6.Added new Receiver Mapping Setting interface;

7.Added 12bit gamma of Receiver Card;

8.Fixed some known bugs.


[Version 7.2]LEDVISION

1.Support for new controller S20,S20F,X20,S6VT;

2.Support for new Receiver Card Q20;

3.Support for new Play Box A100, A200;

4.Added support for some driver ICs and decode ICs;

5.Added 14 bit low brightness calibration of Receiving Card;

6.Added grayscale refinement of Receiving Card;

7.Added Infi-bit Gamma of Receiver Card;

8.Fixed some known bugs.


[Version 7.0]LEDVISION

1.Support for new controller X12,X16PRO;

2.Support for new Receiver Cards E320,75B V8.0,75E V8.0;

3.Support for new Play Box A35;

4.Added support for some driver ICs and decode ICs;

5.Optimize the main interface, installation interface and uninstall interface;

6.Remove the requirement that the software need Windows administrator rights to run;

7.Deleted the “Play Box Management” part,(Please download the PlayerMaster software from the official website);

8.Revised the interface of brightness adjustment;

9.Added remote control function;

10.Added timing color temperature adjustment function;

11.Added custom aging test function;

12.Added the smart setting function for Shixin Series chip;

13.Optimize playing database, table and Office programs;

14.Fixed some known bugs.

[Version 6.9]LEDVISION

1.Support for new controller X2s,X4s,X5/X6/X7,Z4R,eV4,Z6Pro;

2.Support for new Receiver Cards i9+,K9+,E80,75E Pro,RI17;

3.Added support for some driver ICs and decode ICs;

4.Added 128 groups data output;

5.Added low bright gray level optimization function;

6.Added arbitrary void rows and void cols function;

7.Support for gamma curve editing by R/G/B separately;

8.Added schedule management system for cloud Play Box;

9.Added new mult-fuction card setting interface, added some new features;

10.Added “H.265” video format supported;

11.Fixed some known bugs.


[Version 6.8]LEDVISION

1.Support for X3, eV4, 4K Pro, 4K Lite controller products;

2.Support for new mainboard Z6/X8/X16/X16B/X16C, support for DP sub-boards and SDI*4 sub-boards;

3.Support for i9+, i9e, K5+, E320 Receiver Cards;

4.Support for new C5 Play Box;

5.Added support for some driver ICs;

6.Optimized the automatic brightness adjustment function of the multi-function card;

7.Modify the time zone to support daylight saving time.


[Version 6.6]LEDVISION

1.Added software digital signature to improve software security and reliability;

2.Supported for C1 cloud Player Box;

3.Supported ICND2112, MBI5253, LS9930 driver IC and 9739 row decoding IC;

4.Added ICN2055/2065 frame rate conversion adaptive function;

5.The function of the Shixin series was upgraded, solved the problem of the light board splash screen of 9739 and 9737 common anode decoding;

6.LS9919 added open-circuit detection function and template shift length setting, the maximum number of supported segments in the scan schedule was extended to 64;

7.LS9929 added anti-interference, leakage adjustment and grayscale adjustment function;

8.Z6 control added SDI*4 signal splicing function, added HDMI/DP sub-board support;

9.When save Receiver Mapping to Receiver, the control area of ​​the sender where the receiver card is not set net port was not changed(When the S series and X2, and X4 controls judge that they exceed the sender load, they change to 512 *512);

10.Added Software settings adapt screen DPI function, solved the problem of too small software interface under high DPI;

11.Optimized the save of the i9 receiving card calibration coefficient;

12.Improved the stability of playing videos and pictures in long time;

13.Improved smoothness and fluency when playing videos and text;

14.Fixed some known bugs.


[Version 6.5]LEDVISION

1.Support for new controller products X1, X8, X16, X16B, X16C and support for new types of receiver cards i9;

2.Support for driver chips such as LS9919,