Do you know how the LED control card will develop in the future?

The LED control card is an external device that converts the data of the LED display to the display through the PC. There are many names: LED display control card, LED SMS control card, GSM wireless control card, GPRS wireless card, RF wireless control card, WIFI wireless network control card, LED optical fiber control card, bar screen control card, U disk control card, network port control card, display control system, bar screen control card, graphic control card. So, do you know how the LED control card will develop in the future?

With the rapid development of LED displays in the past two years, the market for LED control cards has also become broader. The development of LED displays has gradually entered into civilian use, such as door screens for various stores, indoor and outdoor displays. A variety of square screens and other various strip screens, etc., using more asynchronous led control card manufacturers such as Ruihexin, Lycra, Yangbang, Yukuo, Jinhan, Jianshi and so on. Generally, a computer must be connected to update the content to be equipped with a display screen, which brings inconvenience to the program update of the majority of advertising users.

Using the U disk control system can save computers, save wiring, control 100,000 points, one card, suitable for various indoor and outdoor display screens, and it is loved by screen users all over the country after listing. In addition, we can also help you use our card to make many special displays, such as lobby signs, etc., to develop the local market.

Generally, a computer must be connected to update content to be equipped with a display screen, which makes a large number of users want to use the screen but stop.

The U-disk LED display control system produced by our company solves this problem. Using U-disk, the most common and cheap information transmission medium tool, even if the user does not have a computer, he can use the computer of an Internet cafe, home or a friend to compile content. To update the display screen content, the USB flash drive does not need to be plugged into the display screen or its extension cable all the time. The information will be stored in the screen after a few seconds after plugging in, and the USB flash drive can be removed.

Novastar MSD300 Sending Card

Today’s LED control cards are built-in suitable for various popular display panel scanning methods on the market and commonly used 08 and 12 interfaces. Arbitrary settings of various display screens with a size of one hundred thousand dots, that is, one card in hand to safely configure various desired displays (see the control card description for details), there is no need to buy other types of cards because the control range is incorrect.

Around the company’s card, screen users can make a lot of civilian special small screens, such as various poster screens and car screens recommended on the company’s website. Welcome to contact the company, the company can cooperate and guide you to produce the display screen you want, and can also provide a special frame and various display boards, allowing you to directly assemble and produce your own display screen.