What is the difference between LED control card 08 and 12?

The LED control card is an external device that converts the data of the LED display to the display through the PC. There are many names: LED display control card, LED SMS control card, GSM wireless control card, GPRS wireless card, RF wireless control card, WIFI wireless network control card, LED optical fiber control card, bar screen control card, U disk control card, network port control card, display control system, bar screen control card, graphic control card. Since there are many types of LED control cards, do you know the difference between 08 and 12 of LED control card?

Novastar MSD300 Sending Card

1. What is the difference between the 08 interface and the 12 interfaces of the LED control card? How to judge which interface is from the actual LED screen?
The definition of interface signals is different. 12 interfaces are mostly used for outdoor screens, such as p10/p16/p13.3 monochrome or two-color; 08 interfaces are mostly used for indoor screens, such as dot matrixes with specifications such as f3.0/3.75/5.0. Control cards generally support these two interfaces, some cards 08, 12, 75 can support, such as Jinhan’s secondary development font card.

2. What is the difference between 08 interfaces and 12 interfaces of the LED display U disk control card?、
No distinction, just a different label.

3. Why does the LED display control card have 08 and 12 ports? How to determine the control points of the control card?
08 and 12 interfaces generally use 12 interface control cards for semi-outdoors and outdoors, depending on how big your screen is, choose how many points of control card to use.

4. The definition of each pin of the 08 interface and 12 interface of the LED unit board, the specific points; especially the role of the 08 interface G2, R2?
08’s general interfaces (eight) are: 2 A B C D G1 G2 L S 16 1 N N N O R1 R2 N N 15;
12 common interfaces (twelve) are: 2 ABCSLRGD 16 1 ONNNNNNN 15 N=ground (GND), L=latched (LAT or ST), S=clock (Clk), O=enable (OE), E= Enable (/OE) R=red data, G=green data, U=blue data, A, B, C, D=row signal, H=decoded row signal, F=floating, V=VCC08 interface The function of G2, R2: No matter which interface, an R or G signal carries 16 rows of data, 08 interface G1, R1 is the upper 16 rows of data, G2, R2 is the lower 16 rows of data. In other words, the 08 interface can output 32 lines of data, while the 12 interface has only 16 lines.