How do LED screen manufacturer install LED display control cards?

The LED control card, also known as the LED display control card, is an external device that converts the data of the LED display to the display through the PC. It is responsible for receiving the picture display information from the computer serial port. It is the core component of the LED graphic display. As an LED  screen manufacturer, it is very necessary to learn how to install LED displays. So, do you know how to install the LED display?


1. LED screen manufacturer prepares WeChat LED display and control card:
2. Connect the display power cord to the control card: fix the WeChat display power supply and control card, connect the control card to the power cord, and the positive and negative poles are marked on the control card (the positive line corresponding to the power end is connected to the control card +5V , The corresponding negative wire is connected to the GND of the control card):
3. The control card and the unit board cable connection: the control card and the display screen are connected by a cable connection. According to the unit board interface type, LED screen manufacturer select the corresponding type of interface connection on the control card. The screen corresponds to the corresponding interface type on the control card in order from top to bottom. 1, 2……
Fourth, the control card and antenna connection: there is a connection antenna position on the control card (this step is omitted for the network port control card).
5. Power on: Check the circuit before powering on. Please check to make sure that the circuit is correct and then power on. After power on, the power supply and control card will light up red.
6. Complete the installation of the LED display control card.

LED screen manufacturer learn to install the LED display control card to prepare for the maintenance of the LED display in the future. In addition, as an LED  screen manufacturer, you should know everything about LED display installation in every detail.