What are the functional characteristics of the LED control card

LED display screen is a display screen used to display text, graphics, images, animation, market information, video, video signals and other information by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. The LED control card displays bright colors and strong three-dimensional effect. It is as quiet as an oil painting and as moving like a movie. It is widely used in stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and Other public places. The LED control card is an important part of the LED display. So, do you know what are the features of the LED control card?

Kystar ES2 LED control card

1. Low cost and small size: Provide the cheapest price and smallest size among indoor control cards on the market, which is very cost-effective. Single board size: 90×51.5×14.5mm.
2. Control range: Monochrome: 16*512, 32*512, 48*448, 64*384, 128*256, dual-color 128*256, maximum support 32768 pixels.
3. Interface mode: 4 groups of 08 ports, the first group of 08 ports supports female headers, which can be directly inserted into the unit board for easy installation.
4. Communication method: onboard RS232 or RS485 communication method, TTL mode wireless data transmission module WD12 can be selected, which can be directly and seamlessly integrated on the control board; support DB9 header interface or 5PIN header interface, customers can choose one of them Wiring.
5. Safety and stability: Support voltage overload, under-voltage, reverse protection, RS485 reverse connection protection, anti-static protection; provide hardware watchdog to solve system crashes caused by voltage instability or electromagnetic interference.
6. Scan mode: LED control card supports 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and static scan mode.
7. Brightness adjustment: Supports setting of 11 levels of brightness settings from 0 to 100.
8. Play effects: Support up to 13 commonly used play effects, you can set the entry and exit effects, you can set the number of repetitions of the entry and exit effects, and the playback speed. The playback effect is still increasing.

9. Program playback: Each program sent can be saved or not saved, and it supports saving the 10 most recently played programs.
10. LED control card supports two text display modes: font library and non-font library: LC31 comes with a 16*16 dot matrix Songti font library by default. Using font library display mode can increase the display speed. The time from receiving computer data to display is ≤50ms; LC31 also supports non-font display text, that is, any text input can be displayed, regardless of the language of the text.
11.LED control card support downloading the font library: Customers can generate corresponding font, font library through the font library generation tool provided by the manufacturer, and then dynamically download and save it to the controller card.
12.LED control card support global multi-language: LC31 supports any language in the world, and the control software and development kit can provide simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English versions.
13. You can set multiple color areas: you can set the content in any area to display the specified color. This function is an original function in the non-zoned control card, which can achieve many special effects.
14. Support secondary development: provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use secondary development interface, users can easily integrate the control card; provide sample DEMO and instruction documents in multiple languages.

With the rapid development of the LED industry, the demand for the LED control card market is also increasing, and the wireless LED control card can well meet the needs of customers in the unified management and cluster delivery market. For example, community publicity LED screens, car screens, government projects, mobile, telecommunications, and bank door head screens, are installed in batches, are easy to manage, and reach a state that requires no maintenance. This is the best choice for users.