How to use LED strip display control software?

When we buy LED displays, we sometimes need to set up some information such as images and text by ourselves. In order to facilitate the users of LED displays to better learn and use the LED display control software, the LED bar displays are organized here. The operation method of the screen control software is for your reference.

First, screen parameter settings

For customers who use LED control card for the first time, please use “LED strip screen control software” to set up through RS232 cross-serial cable; for laptop, please use USB to 232 cable.

After the software runs, it will automatically “find the display screen”. If the automatic search fails for multiple times, please check whether the serial port cable is a “cross cable”, whether it is plugged in properly, and whether the control card is working properly. Note: It is strictly forbidden to plug in the serial cable when the power is on. Please turn off the power before plugging in the cable.

The control card password is “168”, and the screen will display “No information currently” after the screen parameters are set correctly.


If it is an outdoor P16 screen, the interface is 12 interfaces:

The parameters are: Data polarity: low OE polarity: high Scan mode: 1/4 scan, the default is 4.3 scan mode

Second, program editing and management

After setting the screen parameters on the display screen, you can directly click the icon in the toolbar to add a program. E.g:

1) Subtitled programs

In the hypertext RTF file program, the RTF hypertext can set the font, size, and different colors for each character, and can maintain the hypertext file of the program separately for later recovery. You can enter all languages ​​supported by the Windows system (such as Korean, Arabic, etc.), and each text in the hypertext can be individually set in color, size, and font. Select the font with “@” in the font column to set the font display of the couplet screen.

2) Time-based programs, digital real-time clock (multiple common modes are optional).

3) Countdown program, the maximum time is 9999 days.

4) Picture-based programs, supporting various picture formats such as bmp and jpeg.

5) Form program, supports electronic form.

6) Animated programs, support gif and other formats.

7) Temperature and humidity program, support temperature and humidity function.

6) Text program, supports input of simplified, traditional, English and other fonts.

Third, send the program in the LED display control software

When all the added programs are edited, click “Send All”, and the program can be displayed on the screen after the transmission is successful.

If you encounter faults such as incomplete or non-display of the LED display, you can first try to detect which part is the problem. If the problem is not resolved, it is best to contact the manufacturer’s technical staff to help solve it, and restore the display to normal work as soon as possible.

The above is the introduction about “How to use LED strip display control software”. If you encounter any problems during the operation, please feel free to contact us via email:, and we will do so as soon as possible Help you solve the problem.