What are the commonly used LED display control software?

LED display screens have been widely used in commercial media, cultural performance market, stadiums, information dissemination, news release, securities trading, etc., and can meet the needs of different environments.

When we install different LED displays, we often choose different control software systems to debug the screens according to their different characteristics and styles. So, in daily life, which LED display software is more commonly used? Let’s take a look together.


Novastar SmartLCT

NovaLCT is a configuration tool specially created by Nova Technology for the LED display. It can adjust the brightness, control the power supply, monitor the lights and monitor the hardware of L. The user can easily control all the key information of the display in front of the computer. , Using NovaLCT can also be used to view the basic configuration of your own display, you can also modify the settings to adjust to your favorite settings.

2.LED MPlayer

LED MPlayer is an LED screen control software manufactured by Shanghai Lingxin Vision. It supports synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode control functions. It can also control the display content of the screen, display special effects, display time, etc. In addition, LED MPlayer supports two modes of display and hiding, and supports multiple languages ​​including simplified Chinese.

3. Jiecheng LED display playback control software

Jiecheng LED display playback control software is a special software designed and developed for LED electronic displays, large plasma screens, TV walls, projectors, etc. The software uses advanced image synthesis display technology to make the screen display smoother without flicker. The output image can be adjusted for chroma, saturation, brightness, and contrast.

4.LED Player

LED Player is Lingxin single and double color six-generation led display control software. The latest LED Player v6.0.3 Chinese free version is available here. Editable programs include subtitles, text, dazzling words, digital clock and dial, screen timing, etc. You can set the playing duration and times. Support stand-alone sending, sending programs via USB and grouping. The screen brightness can be adjusted regularly or manually. Support to upgrade the firmware of the control card.


The LedMediaSys graphic editing system is a led display control software launched by Lycra, which can add programs to the display, add subtitles and graphic content, add animations and clock dials. LedMediaSys can quickly scan and configure the three common unit boards in the market, set the control card type and model, communication parameters, communication mode, serial port baud rate and screen parameters, display name type, screen width and screen height and data polarity, and support i4 series Products, add support for the fourth-generation cards, and add regional borders.

Of course, in addition to the types introduced above, the LED display control software also has LEDVISION, Iset, etc., we can find the corresponding documents on the official websites of these LED control software, and follow its documents to perform an operation.