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colorlight C3 pro Player is a new-generation cloud networking player, which supports the ColorlightCloud, 4G, WIFI, wired network and other various networking methods, and can be deployed rapidly to achieve intelligent cloud management function, and multi-screen, multi-business ad cross-regional unified management. It has significant advantages in the fields of indoor and outdoor fixed installation, centralized management, publish and monitoring, and can be widely used in various commercial display fields such as lamp post screen, store display screen, advertisement player, mirror screen, vehicle screen, etc.


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colorlight C3 pro Player

colorlight C3 pro Player Features

  • Support maximum load capacity of 350,000 pixels, maximum width of 2048 pixels and maximum height of 1200 pixels
  • Support multi-level organization cloud management and role based program cloud publishing
  • Support LED screen cloud monitoring and automatic notifications and actions based on the alarm configuration
  • Strong processing performance, supporting H.265 4K high-definition video hardware decoding and play back
  • 8GB storage
  • Multiple play modes
  • Support USB storage plug and play, content update
  • Support multiple-screen synchronized content play back
  • Support command and content schedule
  • Contents
  • Support playing of multiple program pages, 32 program pages at most
  • Support rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts, clocks, etc.
  • Support multi-window playing and overlay, while the window size and position can be set freely
  • Play up to 2 high-definition video or one 4K video simultaneously
  • Comprehensive control scheme
  • Support control from multiple platforms, for example, LED assistant control for mobile phone, and tablet, PlayerMaster for PC
  • Network communication
  • Dual band and dual mode WiFi, supporting WiFi 2.4G and 5G band, WiFi hotspot mode and WiFi client mode
  • LAN, supporting DHCP mode and static mode
  • 4G communication, supporting 4G network in various countries (optional)
  • GPS positioning (optional)


Basic Parameters
Hardware Quality 4K high-definition hard decoding playing
Storage 8GB (4GB for content)
Loading Capacity Maximum loading capacity: 350,000 pixels;

Maximum width: 2048 pixels, maximum height: 1200 pixels

OS Android OS 9.0 (Android Pie)
Receiving Card Supported All Colorlight receiving cards
Physical Parameters
Unboxed 108×128×26mm (4.25×5.04×1.02 inch)
Boxed 370×320×52mm (14.57×12.60×2.05 inch)
Operating Voltage DC5V-12V
Power Adapter AC 100~240V 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 15W
Weight 0.33kg(11.64 oz)
Operating Temperature -40℃~80℃(-40℉~176℉)
Ambient Humidity 0-95%,non-condensing
Packing List
  • C3 Pro LED Player×1
  • Power Adapter×1
  • USB Cable×1
  • WiFi Antenna & Extension Cord ×1
  • User Manual×1
  • Warranty Card×1
  • Certificate×1
File Format
Program Schedule Support scheduled play back of content
Program Split Support flexible windows split, windows overlapping, and multiple pages in a program
Video Formats HEVC (H.265), H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2, Motion JPEG, etc.
Audio Formats AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, MP3, Linear PCM, etc.
Image Formats Bmp, jpg, png, gif, webp, etc.
Text Formats txt,rtf,word,ppt,excel,etc.
Text Display Single-line text, multiple-line text, static text and text scroll
Multi-window Display Support at most 4 video windows, multiple picture/text, scrolling text, scrolling picture, LOGO, date/time/week and weather forecast windows. Flexible content display in different areas.
Window Overlapping Support arbitrary overlapping with fully transparent, opaque and translucent effects
RTC Real-time clock display and management
USB storage plug-and-play Supported


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Interface Description

No. Name Function
1 CONFIG USB-B interface,for controlling the device, such as setting screen

parameters and publishing a program

2 USB USB-A interface,supporting USB 3.0,for updating programs via USB storage
3 WIFI ANT Connected with WIF antenna (optional),supporting 2.4G/5G dual band,WiFi hotspot mode(as WiFi router) and WiFi client mode (connecting with other WiFi routers)
4 SENSOR 1/2 RJ11 interface, connected with a sensor to achieve automatic brightness adjustment, monitoring and display of index of ambient brightness, smoke, temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.
5 SIM card slot Micro-SIM card slot
6 4G ANT Connect to 4G antenna (optional)
7 DC 5V-12V Power input
8 LAN Access local network or internet
9 AUDIO 3.5mm, HIFI stereo output
10 DISPLAY RJ45,signal output,connect to receiving cards



C3 Pro player

colorlight C3 pro Player hole size diagram

WiFi antenna

colorlight C3 pro Player WiFi antenna - size diagram

4G antenna(optional)

colorlight C3 pro Player 4G antenna - size diagram

Configuration and Management Software

Name Type Description
PlayerMaster PC Client It is used for local or cloud screen management, as well as program editing and publishing.
LEDVISION PC Client LED PC configuration tool, mainly used for configuring screen and adjusting the screen to optimize display state.
ColorlightCloud Web A web based management system for content publishing, cluster management, and screen monitoring,.
LED Assistant Mobile Client Support Android and iOS, enabling wireless control of the players.
  1. The signal stability and quality of WiFi hotspot and WiFi client is related to the transmission distance, wireless network environment and WiFi band.