Huidu HD-U62 Single-dual Color U-disk controller

Huidu HD-U62 is a U-disk series control card that updates the program through the USB port. Cost-effective, simple software to operate, better and prosperous display effect, supported variety of monochrome displays.


Huidu HD-U62

  1. Power connector, connect 5V power supply;
  2. USB ports,Updated program by U-disk;
  3. Test button, click to switch screen test status;
  4. 4HUB12, 2 HUB08,connect the display;
  5. S3, connect the point switch, switch the previous program, timer reset,
    count down;
  6. S4, connect the point switch, program control, time-out, count reset;
  7.  S2, connect the point switch, switch the next program, the timer starts,
    count plus;
  8. P5, connect temperature / humidity sensor;
  9. P7, connect the brightness sensor;
  10. P11, connected to the infrared receiver, with the remote control
Contents Parameters
Support module Single color,Various conventional scanning methods
Control range


Single color: 768W*64H

Dual color: 384W*64H

FLASH Capacity 4M Byte
Communication Port U-Disk
HUB signal 4HUB12,2HUB08
Program Quantity 1000pcs Programs. also can change program by button or remote if weld sensor (Remoter can select1-999 Programs)
Area Quantity 20 areas with separate zone, separated special effects and border
Display Showing Text, Hypertext (GIF、 Picture、 Animation Character、SWF、Video),Excel, Time, Count, Digital, Temperature, Humidity, Brightness ,Background etc
Display effects 1、Support all languages(Software :HD2018、HD2020)

2、Border functions of Program border, area border and Custom design border.

3、Add Countdown /Count up, Button Countdown / Count up

4、Add Text Rotation of 90°、180°、270° for display

Text function of Hollow、Stroke etc

5、Add payment collection function

6、Updated program by U-disk

7、More than 200 types showing effects

Clock function 1、Support calendar, analog clock, lunar calendar

2、Is timing, countdown display

3、Display font, size, location, etc. can be arbitrarily set

4、Support for multiple time zone display

Extended Equipment Brightness setting by Custom、Automatic(weld sensor)、by time period regulation
Automatic switch Screen Support on /off display automatically by time
Dimming Support two brightness adjustment mode


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