Kystar ES2 Box Controller

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Kystar ES2 Box

Kystar ES2 Box Controller Features:


1.31 million load on two network ports

Stereo audio input

Ambient brightness sensor

Data readback repair


1.31 million load on two network ports


•Kystar ES2 Box supports two network ports output, a single machine can complete 1.31 million pixels of the display screen loading, the widest 4000 pixels, the highest 2000 pixels.




Kystar ES2 Box Controller Stereo audio input


•The  Kystar ES2 Box supports one stereo audio input, and can be used with the multi-function card MF630 to achieve audio transmission.

Ambient brightness sensor


•Kystar ES2 Box supports brightness sensor data input, so that the screen can automatically adjust the display brightness according to the brightness of the environment.



Data readback repair


•Kystar ES2 Box supports data readback and repair functions.
•Using the read-back configuration function, users can quickly read the correct configuration parameters from the receiving card when replacing the controller without reconfiguring the parameters.
•Using the configuration retransmission function, when the user replaces the receiving card, this function can help retransmit the configuration stored in the device to complete the system repair without reconfiguring the parameters.


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